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Life Counselling and Personal Coaching
Life Counselling at Valmar International
At Valmar International we have started "Evolve n Resolve" a Counseling Centre which offers you the services of experienced counselors in the areas of Life Counseling, Personal Coaching and Guidance.
Coping with stress, chaos, work-life imbalances, pressures of the daily grind, people relationships, demanding targets, conflicting goals, aspirations and professional paradigms of an ever changing world can be not only a daunting and challenging task but also a mentally and physically sapping ordeal !
Sometimes one simply requires a shoulder to lean on, an ear which listens intently,some sound
-boarding to bounce off ideas and opinions, a feedback mirror in the form of constructive critique,
a word of advice, a nudge in the right direction, an assurance of a sound decision taken, a
recommendation and mostly a quiet moment of reflection to discover oneself and the solutions
that lie within.
At our Counseling Centre you have this entire spread of services with capable and
experienced professionals.
We encourage you to enroll in our Self Enrichment Program which offers you the options
of enrolling for periods ranging from just one month to three months, six months and
one full year.
Do contact us so that we can
advise you further
We look forward for your call !
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