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Corporate Training & Development Solutions
Typical Programs Conducted
Days Required
Target Group Trained
Customer Service Professional Selling Skills Negotiation Skills for Winning Sales.
2 Days each
Front line Marketing & Sales
Front line Technical execs/managers
Cross Cultural Communication & Business Etiquette
2 to 3 Days
Executives/Managers being sent overseas/dealing with overseas clients in India
Business Etiquette & Social Manners
2 Days
For Top Performing Executives handling Critical Client Accounts
Redefining the Edge of Excellence
2 Days
A managerial competency based program for fast track executives
Time Management
1 Day
Client's choice
"The Winning Edge" A Communication & IPR
2 to 3 Days
Project / Teamleaders / Functional execs / managers
Business Presentation Skills
2 Days
Marketing & Sales / Technical front-line
Train the Trainer
5 Days
Internal trainers of the firm
Client's choice
Making & Managing Miracle Teams
2 Days
Team Leaders, Managers of High Performance Task Teams, Divisions
Managing Effectively For Success
2 to 3 Days ( Level 1, Level 2 )
Young Managers / Middle Managers Leadership program : Senior Managers
At The Steering Wheel of Life
2 to 3 Days
Personal & Professional Effectiveness : Fast Track Officers & Executives
Interpersonal Relationship Management Program
3 Days each
Executives, Young Managers, Middle Managers, Senior Managers
Asserting Success.
2 Days
Assertive Communication Skills - for Executives and Young Managers
LEDGE : The Leadership Edge
3 Day
Senior Managers in the Talent Pool
INFLUENTZA ( Interpersonal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills )
2 Days
Executives, Young Managers, Middle Managers, Senior Managers
Training program outlines and objectives
Cross Cultural Communication & Business Etiquette
Communication Across Cultural Divides
Executive Business & Social Etiquette
Bringings Pizzaz & Punch to The Office
Managing Effectively
Motivating , Inspiring , Collaborating & Leading People
Managing For Success @ Work
A Professional Competence Development Journey
The Leading Edge
Leading People to Personal & Professional Effectiveness
At The Steering Wheel Of Life
Motivating People to Reach Beyond the Mundane & Rigour of Life to Aspire &
Achieve Personal & Professional Success
Asserting Success
Stand Up and Mandate Success
Asserting Interpersonal Prowess
Managing Powerful Relationships
Masterminding Mentoring Manoeuvres
Mentoring Effectiveness
The Success Audit
Benchmarking Success
Customer Service & Consultative Selling Skills
Creating Wealth For The Customer & The Company
Negotiation Skills
Winning Ways To The Customer's Purse
The Winning Edge
Putting Your Competences to Work
Redefining The Edge Of Excellence
Reframing Personal Development Paradigms
Making & Managing Miracle Teams
Together Everyone Achievies More
Time Management
Managing Self & Managing Task
Business Communication
Communication- The Currency of Success
Presentation Skills
Putting Your Best Self Forward
Creativity & You
A Primer Workshop
Training The Trainer
Grooming Home Grown Princes
Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills (IEIS)
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