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Valmar International is a Management Consultancy established in the Year 2000 As part of our Vision to ASPIRE for Excellence, motivate and collaborate with others whom we associate with, we offer several learning programs ranging from communication skills, interpersonal skills, managerial skills, team building skills, influencing skills right through to Managing Cultural Diversity through Cross Cultural Sensitization, Global Business Etiquette and Emotionally Intelligent Team Management and EQ Leadership skills.
Dexter Valles is the CEO and Managing Consultant and is a Certified EQ Practitioner, Assessor and Consultant by World Leaders in EQ - Six Seconds, California, USA.
Valmar International has Four Verticals :
  • Competence Based Corporate Learning Solutions and Interventions in Behavioural Sciences & Soft Skills stretched right across the spectrum of competence based workshops. We design and deliver our own programs under our banners "Steering Wheel of Life" and "The Winning Edge" series of programs
  • HR Research Solutions & Value Added Human Resource Management Projects - Organisational Effectiveness, Customized Employee Satisfaction / Employee Engagement, Talent Pool and Star Performers EQ Profiling, Leader & Team Vitality Studies, Coaching, HR Audits, Climate Analysis, Exit Interviews
  • Youth Learning Solutions (Our Learn2Lead Academy is focused on delivering Life & Leadership Skills to the key stakeholders in the development of the youth, viz Students-Parents-Teachers)
  • The EQ Legion of India (formerly Six Seconds India) which focuses on developing the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) in personal and professional lives of people. Established in 2010 as Six Seconds India, played host to Eight Seasons of EQ Certification workshops of Six Seconds, the world leader in Applied EQ, based in California, USA. With over 100 Certified EQ Practitioners and Assessors in the network, VALMAR's EQ Legion of India takes this mission forward with local solutions and workshops for transforming lives by "Engaging Emotional Energy Everyday"
Corporate Training & Development
Corporate Training programs are designed and offered to major Indian Corporates & MNCs, with a practical view to developing competent and successful professionals at the cutting edge of business. With an array of Performance Enhancing Programs (PEP) we could say that Valmar International adds quite a bit of PEP to your business.
Our Competence Development Spectrum
  • Relationship Competences : Interpersonal Relations, Communication
  • Intellectual Competences : Cognitive ( Thinking & Learning ) Capacity, Creativity, Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Management Competences : Leadership, Managerial Excellence, Goal Setting & Strategic Action Planning, Teamwork & Partnering, Handling Change, Customer Service, Negotiation & Selling Skills, Business Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Personal Competences : Personality Development, Behavioral Flexibility, Self-Confidence & Self Esteem, Communication Skills, Social Skills & Graces
  • General Competences : Cross Cultural Communication & Time Management
Value Added Human Resource Research Projects
  • Corporate Climate and Perception Analysis
  • Talent Pool and Star Performers Profiling
  • Personal & Professional Development Skills
  • Team Management Studies
  • Safety Standards and Regulations Studies
  • Employee Satisfaction / Motivation Surveys
  • Exit Interviews
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