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Youth Learning Solutions
Learn2Lead Academy "Life and Leadership Skills"
Personal Development Workshops for the Youth
From our experiences and feedback received from the corporate and social sector, we have learnt that
  • Effective behavioural skills differentiate the high achievers from the mediocre performers.
  • These skills need to be taught & encouraged during pre-teen years when children are in the process of developing their personality, value system, beliefs & opinions which guide them towards emotional independence.
  • Today, children are subject to innumerable stressors & pressures of a competitive-crazy world and they need all the support they can get from their family, friends and school.
Valmar International is using its expertise to design and deliver specialized programs targeted at a niche group of children and the young adult and to enhance 4 critical areas of development namely
  • Communication
  • Curiosity
  • Co-operation
  • Confidence
The program aims to develop Essential life skills to help children to enjoy their adolescence, emerge as role models for their peers and become the leaders of tomorrow.
In order to develop a wholesome disposition, along with the acquiring of knowledge, skills and competences and the associated learning attitude, it is also important to develop a set of characteristics that set off ones personality to stand head and shoulders above the mediocrity of crowd. The Personality Development Program offered by VALMAR INTERNATIONAL is all about grooming the youth to develop cutting edge characteristics to enable the pursuit of excellence as a way of everyday life.
The Program's Focus Areas of Grooming and Growth:
  • Personal Vision and Goal Setting (how to develop a personal blueprint for life)
  • Effective Communication Skills (how to express yourself assertively and articulately)
  • Sound Interpersonal Relationship Skills (how to get along with others with good manners, empathy and confidence)
  • Team Building Skills (how to work within teams with clear Goals, Roles and Task Processes)
  • Managing Time and Task (how to be responsible, reliable and resourceful)
  • Develop Creative and Critical Thinking Skills (how to expand thinking to cover out-of-the-box solutions to dilemmas and enhancing value add)
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills (how to develop the ability to deliver solutions not problems, and how to generate alternatives and options to meet desired goals)
  • Emotional Balance and Intelligence (how to use your emotions intelligently to deliver desired results by managing key emotions)
  • Living with Values (how to live according to a value system in order to give fuller meaning and purpose to what you do personally and professionally)
Batches to suit age categories
Chrysalis Connections
12-16 years
Genesis Gateway
17-20 years
Catalysis Conversions
21-25 years
Alchemy Acclaim
26 years Plus

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