Valmar International
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Vision, Mission & Philosophy
To Contribute Significantly to Human Resource Development and influence people to continuously
A-S-P-I-R-E for Success by adopting these tenets of life.
ccountability for Results
trength & Stability of Values
assion & Purpose in Performance
ntegrity of Intent
eliability in Relationships
xcellence as a Way of Life
To Design, Develop and Deliver
World Class Solutions and Services
In the field of Human Resource Management and Research
By constantly contributing to
Building and Shaping
The Knowledge, Skills, Competences and Values
Of our Employees, Associates and Clients
Responsible for Delivering Desired Results
By adopting
Contemporary Methods and Practices
To keep pace with the
Changing Demands and Dynamics
Of a Global Environment
Our philosophy is represented by the following "vedic success mantra" which inspires us to touch and transform the lives we connect within all that we do and in every way we are related.
udhyamam sahasam dhairyam,
buddhih saktih parakramah,
sadete yatra vartante,
tatra devah sahayakrt.  
The Lord provides assistance where these six abide:
  • effort
  • enthusiasm
  • perseverance
  • knowledge
  • resources
  • readiness to face obstacles
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advise you further
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