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Jagdish Choudhry : Vice-President - HR Internal Trainings & Membership

I am delighted that you will soon be completing a decade and a half - fifteen years of incorporation since January 2000, thus providing very valuable "Training" inputs. I wish many many more Successful decades. I feel privileged for being personally associated with you for more than 9 years now (though your association with our company dates back to 2004). You conducted many programs for us on various skills - be it presentation skills, managerial skills, communication skills, etc. Most of the programs I was personally present - and I found each successive program was better than earlier program designed and conducted by you. Your ability to connect with participants, coming down to their level is remarkable, whereby participants feel quite comfortable and at home.
Participant's feedback about such programs is always extremely positive.
Once again I wish you continued success in decades to come. May God be always with you, your family and associates, keep blessing you all.
Diana D'Souza : Training Manager and Marketing Program Manager
It is a wonderful experience to work with a trainer whose enriched experiences adds much insights, learning's and valuable thoughts to us at D-Link. Dexter has trained our employees in many Management Oriented and Behavioural Training Programs. His dedication, continuous innovation of concepts and experiential learning exercises adds tremendous value and memories of the subject undertaken. We have been able to customise and conceptualise many training programs based on the need of the hour. For Dexter, training with zest and emotions so eminent are a natural phenomenon. We look forward towards having many such programs with Dexter in the future.
D-Link India Ltd.
Murgesh Bhustali : Head - Technical Services
We are in association with your firm for the services of imparting training to our field force. The training given to our team between Nov 2008 to Feb 2009 on Sitara Twin Edge is really beneficial and is being seen in the effectiveness of the team. It is a very good programme. We look forward for more association with M/s Valmar International. Wishing all the best in their tenth year.
Grasim Industries
Prof R S S Mani: HRM Educator & Career Mentor Promoter & CEO
I have known Dexter for the last ten years and have had several professional alliances with him & Valmar International during training & consulting assignments .Working with Dexter has been truly delightful & meaningful .He is an excellent facilitator & a great communicator .His ability to get the participants to think & add to the learning process is commendable .Further his ability to design need based training materials for various programmes is unparallel .I have enjoyed these professional interactions with Dexter tremendously & they have added great value to me as a fellow trainer & colleague in the consulting space .Besides his approachable nature, warmth & hospitality make him a wonderful human being .I look forward to continuing synergies with Dexter in time to come.
Marilynn Jorgensen: Six Seconds, USA, The Emotional Intelligence Network
Dexter is a dedicated leader who is passionate and motivated to bring people together in order to expand learning opportunities. He leads with compassion and strength always considering the contributions of others to the collective whole.
Preeti Suri: Senior Product Manager
Dexter is a very creative, capable and dedicated professional. A very keen listener and an articulate speaker, he gets to the heart of the matter very quickly - whether it be a complex HR consulting assignment or a routine raining issue.

Dexter brings a lot of passion and enthusiasm to his work. He can think out-of-the-box with ease, bringing innovative yet practical solutions to the table. A good leader with positive style of working that is very inclusive, Dexter always lives up to professional expectations. I am very pleased to recommend his work.
Anand Mehta: CMO / Marketing & Strategy Consultant
I have worked with Dexter / Hired his services (Valmar International) for my previous companies thrice. Each time the program was different but he still managed to keep the participants (my colleagues) engaged right through till the end. We had a committed and motivated lot at the conclusion.

Though it is finally upon an individual's own drive to put the skill imparted to use in real life situations. The biggest edge he had was the ability to work with very differently gifted participants during the same program.

I am sure to once again engage his services whenever the need arises.
Burzin Shahana: Director Marketing and Sales
Dexter is an excellent professional and a fantastic human being, His high value systems strongly guide him in discharging his professional commitments of highest order, has high degree of Empathy and desire to make a change to society at large.
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